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5 Benefits Offer By Around The Clock Fitness

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around the clock fitness

Looking for a company for your fitness, exercising and health needs? We have just the Solution. If you are looking out for a health or gym corporation that suits your needs, is according to your pocket & also provides the influential benefits then “Around the Clock Fitness” is the best option available for you.

Getting a membership of around the clock fitness comes in hand with a large number of advantages along with additional membership vouchers etc., that are explained in the following article. The email information, contact information & company information is also provided in this post.

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Lets introduce around the clock fitness!

Founded in 2008, “around the clock fitness” is a quite famous company that has been settled in USA’s state Florida (city fort Myers).This corporation has only 79 individuals considered as their workers and the focused targets are Health, Gym, Wellness and Fitness.

As of records, from cardio & dance to muscle conditioning and yoga, clock fitness provides a wide range of exercise classes and your fitness center membership includes them all for FREE.

Contact & company info of around the clock fitness

AliasAround The Clock Fitness
Target IndustryHealth, Wellness And Fitness
Main Office (HQ)Fort Myers (Boyscout), Florida, United States
Official Websitehttps://myaroundtheclockfitness.com/
Social MediaLinkedIn
Business TypePrivate Ltd, Company
Phone Number239-768-9055
Commercial E-mail[email protected]
Founder & CEO Susan Kartesz
Employees Amount79
Created in2008
Yearly Revenue Generated$5 Million

These details are here provided for you only for you for the sake of your confirmation that this is a legit and efficiently working corporation. All the contact info provided here is entirely genuine.

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Benefits offer by around the clock fitness

Following are the factors you will benefit from after buying the gym membership form around the clock fitness.

1) Providing a personal trainer

The certified personal coaches encourage their clients to take steps towards their health objectives by educating them about their specialist, individualized fitness personal training programmed at the fitness center and motivating them to do so.

2) Yoga, exercises & fitness classes

At around the clock fitness classes include anything from yoga and strengthening exercises to cardio and dancing. And your fitness center subscription includes them all free of cost.

3) CrossFit ATC’s

The qualified coaches at CrossFit ATC oversee daily workouts that incorporate all things from rope jumps and rowing kettlebells and medical ball movements. They provide top-notch tools, reputable instruction, and a supportive gym environment all at an excellent price. 

4) Better & considerable environment

The gym or fitness center’s environment is a very concerning factor for many individuals. Around the clock fitness also solves this difficulty for you by providing a nice, neat & clean, luxury and supportive environment for different individuals.


There are mainly three biggest gym branches around America.

Fort Myers (Boy scout)

  • 1755 Boy Scout Drive
  • Fort Myers, FL, 33907
  • 239 931 6664

Cape Coral

  • 1140 Ceitus Terrace, #8
  • Cape Coral, FL 33991
  • 239 242 2348

Fort Myers (Six Mile)

  • 9375 Ben C Pratt Pkwy, #210
  • Fort Myers, FL 33966
  • 239 768 9055

Credit Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 5am-11pm
  • Friday Timings: 5am to 10pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7am to 7pm

Notice that all the branches actually have the save club timings but it may vary upon time and location.

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