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This document was last updated on April 6, 2023

Ad & Sponsorship Policy

The goal of Trend Of Health is to be your most dependable partner in your quest for health and wellbeing. We’re dedicated to bringing you in-depth, relatable, and practical material that motivates and directs you towards achieving the best health outcomes for you and your loved ones. To ensure accuracy, correctness, and clarity, Trend Of Health content and experiences are developed in accordance with stringent editorial and medical standards. Trend Of Health properties, which include websites, social media platforms, and partner publications, are financed by the selling of advertising that shows there. Rest confident that we have zero tolerance for interference with our editorial independence. We do not allow sponsors to have an editorial say in the editorial content of Trend Of Health, aside from general subject suggestions.

In some instances, Trend Of Health may provide jointly branded or co-created content with our advertisers and/or feature sponsored content. It is described in parts 5 and 6 below and is always prominently labelled.

If you’d like to advertise with Trend Of Health , contact us here. These are the specific guidelines we follow about the types of advertising we accept: 

1. We review the ads.

The categories of advertisements that are approved and shown on Trend Of Health properties are at our sole discretion. Any time and for any cause, we reserve the right to reject, revoke, or remove any ads. Any time an advertisement is rejected, cancelled, or removed, we promptly notify the marketer and include a justification. Additionally, we retain the right to choose where advertisements on Trend Of Health properties should be displayed.

2. We don’t endorse any advertised products or services.

Although advertisements for products may show on our website, our acceptance of any advertisement in no way constitutes an endorsement by us of the advertised product(s) or service(s), or of the manufacturer, distributor, or promoter of such product(s) or service(s) (s). The editing staff at Trend Of Health occasionally rates or ranks particular goods or services. Without taking into account any potential financial or commercial ties to the businesses that offer the product or services, the editorial team(s) alone determines these ratings or rankings.

3. We will not accept certain types of ads.

Any advertisement that is factually incorrect and/or, in our view, in poor taste, will not be accepted. Only approved indications, as determined by the Food and Drug Administration, are allowed for pharmaceutical advertising (FDA). Products that are advertised must be easily available and on the market. At any moment, Trend Of Health will not allow the posting of any ads for dangerous, prohibited, or objectionable goods or services. Advertising content that misrepresents, disparages, or targets a person or group on the basis of their age, color, national origin, race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited. Ads shouldn’t contain information that is menacing, malicious, libelous, or defamatory. Ads cannot promote tobacco, gambling, pornography, fireworks, weapons, booze, or political campaigns.

4. We clearly distinguish ads from editorial content.

We always keep a clear distinction between editorial content and advertisements. Every advertisement on a Trend Of Health property is unmistakably and plainly labelled as such. A user can visit an advertiser’s website or a sponsor’s information center that is housed on a Trend Of Health Media website by clicking on an advertisement. Resource centers that have sponsors are identified as such and have their names visible.

5. We clearly distinguish between sponsored and non­-sponsored content.

Manufacturers, other service providers, and reliable study institutions are all sought after as sponsors by Trend Of Health. Trend Of Health benefits financially from sponsorships, but our users also gain access to up-to-date information on medical procedures, drugs, and therapies. Our editorial policy and the team from Medical Affairs are both applied to editorial material that has been sponsored by an advertiser. We take significant measures to ensure that our users won’t mistake sponsored content for Trend Of Health own original editorial content when content (sponsored content, co-created content, or branded content) is supplied by or influenced by a named sponsor. Native advertising describes links or advertisements that point to other content within a piece of content. Trend Of Health may display commercials, sponsored content, or both.

6. Affiliate program (e-commerce links in Trend Of Health content).

Our health and wellness editors will link to pertinent goods they believe our readers might find helpful during the article creation process. While each product is selected independently, you should be aware that Trend Of Health might get paid if you shop at the retailer’s website within 24 hours of clicking on one of our ads.

7. We clearly distinguish content that is part of a Partner program.

On occasion, Trend Of Health will collaborate with goods, services, or groups that share our goals. Trend Of Health Media evaluates the caliber of these goods, services, or establishments and only offers what it considers to be beneficial to and in the users’ best interests. Trend Of Health is not in charge of providing the goods or services mentioned on these sites, nor does it medically evaluate the content. Any such partner material will be marked with language stating that it did not go through our standard editing process and that it complies with the rules of the Ad and Sponsorship Policy. In the cases where Trend Of Health is compensated when customers buy or subscribe to the product or service.