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This document was last updated on April 6, 2023

Our Editorial Procedure

At Trend Of Health, we’re dedicated to giving you reliable, practical, and up-to-date knowledge so you can take charge of your health and wellbeing. We make sure we’re providing you the best information possible by using a well-established editorial process.

The Trend Of Health crew created our editorial process. The foundation of everything we do is it. What, however, is this procedure? How do we make sure that every publication adheres to our standards?

1. Developing and upholding confidence

Although it is simple to discover health information, it can also be overwhelming, inaccurate, irrelevant, or inaccessible. To rectify that, we are here.

We offer information that is reliable, correct, supported by facts, concise, easy to comprehend, available, sympathetic, and practical.

We focus on your overall wellbeing throughout our material and assist you in drawing the crucial link between your lifestyle and health. “Whole person wellness” is the term we use. We cover a wide variety of subjects and points of view to help with that.

Since we are conscious that everyone’s journey is unique, we support inclusivity and empathy. We are available to anyone seeking improved health, without any judgement.

Upholding strict standards for journalism

We have a duty to maintain the highest standards of journalism because you visit Trend Of Health to find reliable information about your health. Our news and instructional material is thorough, accurate, timely, balanced, and supported by research. Our featured material presents unique viewpoints with respect, candor, and empathy.

How do we make sure we adhere to these standards?

  • Contributors are carefully chosen, and we frequently train them. Our in-house editorial staff meticulously chooses professional authors and contributors. We examine the writers of our content for knowledge of their fields and pertinent real-world experience. We teach them how to conduct research and source effectively, and we offer ongoing guidance and regular feedback.
  • Medical professionals check our health details for accuracy. The members of Trend Of Health Medical Team have a wide range of experience in their individual areas as healthcare professionals from research institutions, professional organizations.
  • All the brands we work with and discuss in our content are thoroughly vetted. Our Brand and Content Integrity team investigates the corporate policies of partner companies and assesses their health and medical claims in light of the available body of scientific research.
  • Our standards are checked on every piece of material. Before it is released, every piece of content is reviewed by our in-house editorial team, who make sure it adheres to our strict editorial standards of clarity, accuracy, good sourcing, and inclusive and sympathetic language.

Giving accuracy, empathy, and diversity Is Our priority

Every article we post should be readable and understandable to our audience. As a result, we depend on a custom style manual that is based on the AP Stylebook. This guarantees that the readability, clarity, empathy, inclusivity, real-world application, high-quality sourcing, and explicit citations are the main concerns of our authors and editors.

You’ll observe that while being brave and forward-thinking, our voice is friendly and approachable. Beyond being approachable and open, we speak with awareness and regard in a way that encourages inclusivity and compassion. We make deliberate decisions to eliminate stigma, stereotypes, and bias by using empathetic language to share stories that are free of judgement.

Constant material monitoring and updating

Information about health is always evolving. Old theories are debunked, new study is conducted, and terminology ages.

In order to share the most current and accurate information available, Trend Of Health constantly reviews and updates its content. We have entire teams of editors and subject matter experts working to find and update outdated or ambiguous material in order to make this a reality.

The main practice recommendations, new clinical guidelines, drug approvals or recalls, and changes to standards of care are all monitored by our Medical Integrity team. The team shares these insights with our editors and partners so that the most current, accurate, and helpful information can be reflected in the material.

You may see a few dates on our content. Each of these refers to a different step in our editorial process.

  • Each piece of content is given a “written by” date when it is originally written by our experts and published on our site.
  • Every time a piece of content is verified by one of our professional fact-checkers, it receives a new “fact-checked” title on top of content.
  • Whenever a piece of content is modified, it receives a new “updated on” date. The modifications may include corrections of minor inaccuracies, addition of new information, replacement of images and sources, or any other change made to improve the value of the content for you, the reader.

We undertake content updating and re-review as a result of several ongoing processes:

  • Periodic evaluations. We regularly review the material to account for linguistic and medical terminology changes as well as community-wide health trends.
  • Yearly brand vetting. Every year, we reevaluate the performance of vetted companies against our vetting criteria and update any content that mentions them to represent any changes.
  • Daily timely information. Our news staff keeps track of changes to stories as they develop and promptly posts updates on the most crucial health news of the day.

Designed for You

You are our top concern at Trend Of Health. We work hard to support you as you pursue health and wellbeing. We can give you the most accurate, pertinent, and easily accessible material by following our editorial process.

If there is anything that we could be doing better, please let us know because we are constantly striving to get better. You can simply contact us by visiting this website if you have any concerns about the timeliness, accuracy, or usability of our content or if you believe a particular article is out-of-date.