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Is CBUM Natural Or Not (Revealed)

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is cbum natural
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Is it True? Is CBUM natural or not? If he does take steroids then in what amount? All of the questions popping in your mind are answered here with full accuracy and factual information.

As most of the bodybuilders, athletes in the fitness industry, powerlifters & calisthenics people are accused of taking steroids and being natty, which is to some extent, is a just and right blame. But also, we should keep in mind that there are also many athletes who do not use the additional boosting chemical compounds or steroids to make up.

But as of today, one of the most famous, motivating & compelling athlete, bodybuilder and 4 times Mr. Olympia’s classic physique winner Chris Bumstead is also accused of being natty and is considered to be taking steroids.

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CBUM’s biodata stats

  • Date of birth: 2nd of February, 1995
  • Place of birth: Ontario (City), Canada
  • 28 years old as of now
  • On-season (With cut definition): 230 pounds (104 Kgs)
  • Off-season (Bulk season): 264 pounds (120 Kgs)
  • Height: 6 ft. 1 inch (185 centimetres)

The weight variations are due to his bulk & cut or shall I say the on-season and off-season times and training, which all the athletes have.

Is CBUM natural or does he intake steroids?

The Clear & Grand answer to this question is, Yes. Chris Bumstead is actually a non-natural bodybuilder like his other different rivals & counterparts which is a pretty obvious observation for anyone with a little of gym information.


But this is not a thing upon which he should be criticized or hated. As of today, Chris Bumstead has won 4 classic physique competitions upon the basis of his sheer dedication, hard work, time & effort. 

Firstly, it would be very obvious and pretty displayed for any kind of person to figure out if a person is on steroids or not. Especially if the guy we are talking about is a bodybuilding champion. Secondly, it is not only the hard work and steroids which make up the astounding physique, but also the diet. Steroids are just a small factor and not a big deal.

What are the reasons for thinking CBUM is non-natural?

Below is a list of the reasons that I myself think are for Chris Bumstead’s non-natural nature and use of steroids.

  • Face acne & skin problem

One of the biggest and most displayed effects of steroids use is acne, and other skin problems. Steroids cause your skin to be excessively oily and full of acne. This is one reason through which you can identify a person to be natty or not.

  • Definition & size of shiny & huge muscles

Second factor is, having such a huge and compelling body physique is not possible only with doing a lot of exercise, workout and just eating lots of protein and healthy meals. It is a thing which strongly requires medical assistance. Without steroids, only if it was ever possible. It would take a lot of time to achieve this kind of body type (which is nearly impossible to happen).

  • Flushed skin

Also, there are reports about the flushing and affected skin of Chris Bumstead which clearly verifies another point that CBUM is not natural.

  • Steroids test & examinations

Steroids test is also an effective source for figuring out if a person is using steroids or not. And as of now, there is no evidence that Chris Bumstead has ever taken a steroid test.

  • Change in behavior

Well, we do not have any verifications that if steroids have affected his behaviour towards others or not. He seems to be a nice guy but the other ways that are mentioned above in the article might prove to be right about it.

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Will chris bumstead compete in mr. olympia championship?

Chris Bumstead, champion in his own territory, has a huge bulky body and seems to be nearly unbeatable in his competitions, that is why many people are also thinking that he might convert and go towards competing in the Open category. Regarding this, CBUM has stated that:

People need to acknowledge that still now I am pushing my body to its absolute limit. I am working my absolute hardest to achieve the body level I am at now. So, it would be a big neglect and a huge toll on my body if I switch to compete in the open category.

Chris Bumstead

This talk also confirms the debate of his steroid use up to an extent that he does use steroids for his workouts.

Steroid products which chris bumstead uses himself

As the Champion, and also in the presence of the facts and opinions that we have mentioned already, we all know that CBUM does take steroids like Testosterone & Growth Hormones etc. Below is a list of all the Chris Bumstead intakes or is considered to intake:

  • Testosterone
  • Metformin/HCL
  • Primobolan/Masteron
  • Fat Burners like Clenbuterol (or ECA & T3)
  • Winstrol/Anavar
  • Insulins (For Sugar Deficiency Control)

The bottom line

In the search for truth regarding CBUM’s natural origins, the long-awaited revelation has finally arrived, bringing us closer to a definitive answer. The unveiling of CBUM’s composition has sparked a new wave of contemplation and contemplation within the beauty and wellness community.

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