Conscious Languages

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This document was last updated on April 6, 2023

What exactly is Conscious Language?

Conscious Language is defined as the intentional use of words and terms to create content that is empathetic, inclusive, and non-stigmatizing. We are deliberate in how we phrase and frame health topics in order to avoid perpetuating bias that can contribute to health inequities and stigma.

Conscious Language is not about political correctness or limiting what people can say. Conscious Language, on the other hand, is about expanding representation and being intentional with our words, always with the goal of assisting you in improving your health.

Why we prioritize Conscious Language

We’re here to motivate you to live your healthiest life, and we understand that the words we use have an impact on how you feel. We are more inclusive and compassionate when we use empathetic language. We run the risk of misrepresenting people, stigmatizing conditions, and shaming those who live with them if we don’t choose our words carefully. As a result, we employ Conscious Language to ensure that our content employs the most appropriate terminology and framing.

Our readers are on a path to health and happiness, and we want to be there for them every step of the way, no matter who they are. And we’re showing the rest of the world how we do it in the hopes of uniting against stereotypes and discrimination.

How Conscious Language appears in action

At Trend Of Health, we speak about medical conditions using Person-first Language, Identity-First Language, and Empathy-First Language. Although we generally use Person-first Language, we recognize and respect that some communities might favor Identity-first Language.

Person-first Language

Person-first Language sees the person before the condition, acknowledging that a health condition does not define a person. It’s something they have, not their identity.

Identity-first Language

We also use Identity-first Language, which acknowledges that some conditions are inextricably linked to who a person is and cannot be separated from who they are. We use Identity-first Language when the community has clearly identified that this is the language they prefer.

Empathy-first Language

Alongside Person-first Language and Identity-first Language, we use Empathy-first Language that promotes empathy, avoids stigma, and does not promote bias.

Finally, we acknowledge Conscious Language is constantly evolving. We are committed to actively listening to our communities, readers, and health advocates to continuously update and refine our use of language.

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