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Guidelines To Mix Pineapple And Milk!

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pineapple and milk

Many of you might have seen some things and came across some pieces of information from different sources like blog posts, reddit etc that pineapple and milk mix up to make a toxic and harmful compound that may cause several problems in your digestive and intestinal system.

Some people say that pineapple and milk mix up and make a smoothie drink. You might have also tried to mix them up and the idea of the mixture being dangerous might have come into your mind. Pineapple being a sweet, tropical but an acidic in nature, is a useful and beneficial natural product. Meanwhile the milk also has its own individual advantages.

All of your Questions like is mixing pineapple and milk a good choice? Will it be a harmful combination or not? What if I use it unknowingly? Are answered here with full authentication and accuracy.

What is difference b/w smoothie & milk shake?

A milkshake is a sweet & pleasant beverage made from dairy products like milk, fruit, fruit pulp, whipped creams, and flavoring sauce. 


Simultaneously, smoothies are exclusively created with fruits and components such as curd & seeds.

A very noticeable difference between the both is that the milkshakes have a high layer of cream on the top of the beverage while the smoothies do not have that specific thing. 

Will it be appropriate to mix up pineapple and milk?

According to ongoing myths, combining pineapple and milk causes stomach ache, feeling sick, or vomiting & diarrhea. Some of the more extreme beliefs claim that this particular combination is harmful.


This assumption, nevertheless, is not supported by research evidence.

A publication in the Sheikh Mujib Medical University’s journal states that scientists evaluated the potentially dangerous combination of pineapple milk in mice and discovered that having both of these items at the exact same moment is completely safe and nontoxic. The rats who were fed the combination did not develop food poisoning or death. Indeed, they had the same reaction as the mice in the experimental category. That is no indication that combining pineapple and milk is going to end up with no reaction at all. 

Are pineapple and milk ought to be mixed?

If you mix up the pineapple and milk, the milk will curdle, and this is commonly misconstrued with spoilage.

The real thing is that the souring of milk is caused by an overpopulation of bacteria that spoil it, whereas an enzyme named bromelain is found responsible in spoilage of the milk and pineapples are with the excess of it.

Nonetheless, pineapple may spoil your milk and cause it to become soured. As a result, eating both of these items together may taste uncomfortable, but mixing them in delicacies like smoothies, milkshakes or pineapple upside-down cakes would be fine.

While spoilt milk can be dangerous to consume, curdled milk won’t be dangerous; it is simply unpleasant, undrinkable and sour.

Preparing smoothie (milkshake) with pineapple and milk

Proteins, essential nutrients and important vitamins are frequently found in pineapple milkshakes, which are also delicious, smooth, and nutrient-dense. It is excellent around sunrise or a breakfast drink! The pineapple milkshakes are just a combination of milk or milk powder, whipped cream, dried milk, frozen creamy yoghurt, plus pineapple pieces.

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We have also provided you with the ingredients and the recipe that you are going to need in order to prepare your pineapple milkshakes that are given as below.

The ingredients needed to make a delicious milkshake

  • Amount of Cow Milk: 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla (Essence or Ice-cream): 2 cups
  • Pineapple Slices: Approximately 1 cup
pineapple and milk ingredients
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Guidelines to prepare a perfect pineapple milkshake

  • Select pineapple that is fully developed and ready for use. A nice and delicious product needs to be used in the preparation of the smoothie.
  • Peel the pineapple thoroughly and then remove the seeds (inner eyes). Remove the centre part and split them in two. Utilise these afterwards for the brewing process. Freeze your pineapple after slicing it.
  • Add 20 to 25 cashews or walnuts that have been watered. Soak nuts in hot water for a minimum of three hours or for fifteen minutes when paired with cashews. Nuts must be scraped too. Adding 12 cups of cool milk would be necessary.
  • Grind the ingredients till it reaches a very creamy texture. Make certain that there are no grinds inside the drink. After that, 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence or ice cream, 3 tablespoon sugar and 2 cups of sliced pineapple cuts will do it.
  • Add in more milk if necessary. An additional cup of chilled milk could be poured. If desired, 4 spoonful vanilla-flavoured ice cream can be added. The drink must be thoroughly mixed.
  • After all these steps, now your Pineapple Milkshake (or Smoothie) has now been prepared and it is ready to be drunk.

Can you use pineapple and milk in the same recipes simultaneously?

If you are concerned about souring up the milk you’re using with pineapple, consider these strategies to make the best possible use of your dish.

To begin, warm or boil the pineapple to weaken the substance called bromelain. Due to the heat sensitivity of this chemical, excessive temperatures can deactivate it, prohibiting it from cutting down casein and souring the dairy product.

You may additionally utilize pineapple cans or pasteurized juice of pineapples, as these items have been thoroughly heated. Just keep in consideration that these may have additional sugar.

Lastly, instead of the cow’s milk, try coconuts, almond, or oat milks, that include substantially lesser protein concentrations and are less probable to become curdled.

The bottom line

As we come to the conclusion of our blog, I would only say that pineapple and milk are always said to be a very bad couple and should never be mixed as they cause many dangerous diseases if done so. But after doing the whole research and reading the whole article, we assure you that this is not the case. 

Pineapple and milk, if mixed together, do not cause so much trouble but yes, the milk becomes curdled and becomes unable to be used. It makes the milk sour and curdled so you cannot drink it, that is why they say that pineapple and milk together cause a stomach ache. But still, these two are very nutritious and healthy components of one’s daily diet regime. Both have their own benefits in their own genre. But i should also say that the smoothie made up from the pineapple and milk components is also very advantageous.

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