Is Cranberry Juice Good For Gout Treatment?

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is cranberry juice good for gout

Did you previously suffer from gout? They aren’t something to be trifled as they may trigger severe pain. Because of the agony they produce, gout outbreaks can interrupt the daily activities of an individual. 

The results of a poll conducted by the Association for Gout Awareness, one in every four individuals with gout seeks an organic gout cure. Cranberry juice is said to be one of the many therapies that individuals with gout might have heard regarding but will it help & is its consumption healthy for gout? 

Some of you who are experiencing gout may be looking for solutions to queries like “Is cranberry juice good for gout?” Is this naturally occurring treatment advantageous? Will it relieve my gout discomfort while also relaxing me? Are answered here with complete accuracy and full precision.

What is gout?

Gout is an uncommon form of arthritis characterized by the formation of small particles within and surrounding the connective tissues. It leads to extreme discomfort and edema in fits.


The accumulation of a chemical termed uric acid in bloodstreams is what causes gout.

If you create excessive uric acid or the renal system does not filter out sufficiently, it may accumulate upward and create small pointed crystals close to cartilage in joints. The particles can make the cartilage become severely inflamed (red & bulging).

Is cranberry juice good for gout?

At present times, there are no proof that drinking cranberry juice helps with gout. Additionally, there hasn’t been adequate medical proof that the use of cranberry juice constitutes a successful remedy for gout. Whether the cranberry juice is an excellent substitute for those with gout or not, more investigation is required to make that determination.

The majority of the study into if a certain type of juice will help people avoid a gout flare-up appears to be focused on cherries & cherry juices.

Additional research must be conducted to establish whether cranberry juice may be used as a therapy or preventative method for this disease.

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Although there isn’t any present information in relation to gout, studies have been conducted to determine if cranberry juice is beneficial or detrimental as related to various illnesses or situations with elevated uric acid concentrations.

Let’s watch this video how Dr Josh Axe explain is cranberry juice good for gout?

Source / Dr Josh Axe

Will cranberry juice be absolutely useless for gout sufferers?

Some years backward, The World Journal of Urology reported a miniature research article regarding the effects of cranberries and use of cranberry juice. 

They discovered that cranberries and cranberry juice can increase oxalate levels in human urine, which can aid in the formation of uric acid stones when paired with calcium. This indicates that consuming cranberry juice might raise uric acid in your bloodstream, technically leading to arthritis. Nevertheless, more study is required to corroborate this.

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Does consumption of cranberry juice actually cause an attack?

While currently there is no current data in relation to gout, studies have been conducted to determine whether the consumption of cranberry juice is beneficial or detrimental if associated with other disorders or situations with elevated uric acid concentrations in the body.


Increased uric acid, in illustration, may lead to the formation of one particular kind of kidney stone, known as the uric acid stones.

Treatment methods for gout

Despite the fact that cranberry juice is not proven to help with gout disease, there are various other therapeutic choices. Your options for therapy can vary depending on whether you are presently experiencing a gout episode or if you require ongoing gout prevention or therapy. The most frequently advised therapies for gout are drugs and dietary modifications.  

Preventing gout attacks With pharmaceutical products

Having gout preventive medicine on a daily basis might be the most effective alternative. These medicines either reduce the amount of uric acid synthesis or improve uric acidity elimination. Allopurinol and unlogic acid are two prominent gout medicines. These drugs are only available with an authorized medical health provider’s recommendation. 

Products to aid you during a gout strike

When you are going through an acute gout flare-ups, using preventative medicine isn’t going to help. While you experience an attack, your healthcare professional might suggest a few drug alternatives. 

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) like naproxen, ibuprofen, and others can be prescribed for use with pain relief (We suggest you see the doctor first). Colchicine or corticosteroid can be prescribed to help reduce discomfort and inflammation. Colchicine & corticosteroids are both prescribed by a doctor.

Changes should be brought in daily lives

Adjustments in lifestyle may assist with reducing gout attacks. It is suggested to avoid alcoholic as well as fructose-containing beverages. Consuming enough of water aids in the removal of impurities from the circulatory system. Mutton, fleshy organs, anchovies, sardines, mussel-like scallops, trout, and tuna are all high in purines. Working out and decreasing weight additionally may lower the likelihood of gout. 

When do you ought to see a medical professional?

You need to consult a medical professional or someone with medical expertise as soon as you notice symptoms of gout. If not addressed promptly, gout can spread through additional joints in the human body. Gout may trigger tophi lumps, characterized by hard bumps beneath the layer of skin.

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Avoid putting off treatment since when an outbreak of gout is in full force, it may become extremely challenging for therapy. Schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as you notice symptoms of a flare-up of gout. 

The bottom line

As we have come to the conclusion of our article right here, we would like to suggest to you that if you are experiencing gout (Arthritis) then you should see your medical health provider as soon as possible. 

Keep in mind that Cranberry juice does not cure the gout disease. So now, if you are still wondering, “Is cranberry juice good for gout?” then you are sadly mistaken. There are currently no research based studies which show that cranberry juice does not cure your gout. As an alternative, we have given the names of some medical products that are very popular and might prove to be very beneficial for you. 

Remember to act upon the prevention measures and visit your doctor before making a decision about this disease.

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