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Can You Bring a Guest to Orangetheory? – Guest Pass Policy (2023)

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can you bring a guest to orangetheory
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Orangetheory Fitness is an American boutique fitness studio based in Florida. It involves various workout programs throughout one hour class. Members are usually divided into two groups, i.e., one on the treadmills and others working with weights or on rowers. A heart rate monitor is provided to track their progress reports and adjust their workout plans for maximum fitness. 

Mentioning the topic Can you bring a guest to orangetheory, Below is the useful part of the article.

Does OTF Offer a Guest Pass? oR Can You bring a guest to orangetheory without a pass?

Almost all the studios of Orange Theory Fitness provide their members with a couple of guest passes, thus allowing them to bring their friends and family along for the class. Guest passes offer free entry and are accompanied by a complimentary lesson at orangetheory for local visitors with a driving licence, workplace, or residential proof of that locality.

These passes also allow guests entry at a lower drop-in rate for non-local visitors. Still, the exciting part is that with a drop-in rate of $28, they get a complimentary heart rate monitor to experience the OTF session to its fullest. Still wondering whether can you bring a guest to orangetheory or not? The rest of the article is surely gonna help you.

Is There a Guest Pass I Can Acquire If I Want to Bring Family while on Vacation?

Can you bring a guest to Orangetheory through permits? Yes, Orangetheory Fitness typically offers guest passes that you can use to bring your family while you’re on vacation. Either you may get it at request, or you may have to wait until the passes are available. Members may occasionally get free guest passes through emails, which can be utilised to bring your guest to the orange theory fitness session. Otherwise, a low drop-in rate of $28 is still an option to join the session as a visitor. 

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The availability and terms of guest passes may vary by studio, so it’s best to contact the specific Orangetheory location you plan to visit. They can provide information on their guest pass policy, any fees involved, and any applicable restrictions. Guest passes are a great way to share the Orangetheory experience with your family while enjoying your vacation. 

Are There Any Other Sources To Get A Guest Pass For Orangetheory?

Can you bring a guest to orangetheory? If not, are there any other sourecs? If you still need to get a guest pass through any of the ways mentioned above, you might ask your trainers and OTF’s reception for complimentary guest passes. 

Furthermore, please keep checking the Orangetheory website as they keep uploading information on the availability of guest passes, so checking it may benefit you. 

What Are The Requirements for the Member’s Guest?

The primary requirements for a member’s guest at OTF are: 

  1. The proof of a guest’s locality can be a driving licence or an address of its workplace and residential area for free entry. 
  2. A non-local visitor from out of town shall pay a drop-in rate of $28, much less than any visitor would have to pay to attend a session of Orange Theory Fitness. 
  3. Always contact the studio about the availability of slots in the Orangetheory fitness session before bringing your guest to avoid any inconvenience. 
  4. Try to reach the studio adequately dressed up in a gym outfit and earlier than the class time to complete all the required documentation.

The Bottom Line

Orangetheory Fitness involves the best fitness programme sessions you can enjoy with friends or family. All members are provided with a couple of guest passes through which they can bring their guests for free or at lower drop-in rates in case of local and non-local visitors, respectively. Asking your trainer and receptionist may also help you get complimentary guest passes. After confirming the availability of slots in the class, you may reach the studio before time to complete all the written documentation and enjoy your session with your friends and family to its fullest. At this point we are pretty sure that your question can you bring a guest to orangetheory might have been answered.

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