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How Long Does It Take to Walk 3 Miles by Age and Gender

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how long does it take to walk 3 miles
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Walking is a famous type of activity that can assist you with remaining active and keeping up your excellent well-being. Assuming that you intend to walk for wellness or transportation, you might be interested in how long does it take to walk 3 Miles by age and gender. Understanding the time it takes to finish a 3-mile walk can assist you with arranging your workout, everyday practice, or day-to-day drive.

It requires around 45 minutes to 1 hour to walk 3 miles at the ordinary paces between 3 to 4 miles each hour. In any case, 3 miles is reachable for fledglings hoping to acquire cardiovascular wellness, consume calories, get fitter, and remain dynamic.

In this way, we should examine what various viewpoints mean for your walking time and tips on how to deal with the 3-mile Walk reliably.

How Long are 3 Miles? 

Three miles are approximately 4.8 km and are equivalent to 15840 feet, so that you can assess the distance in light of your parameters. In any case, you will understand that it is one of the moderate distances individuals consider for low-influence wellness works.

How Long does it take to walk 3 miles at Various Paces?

Depending on your pace, walking one mile takes 15 to 20 minutes. As a result, three miles will take 45 to 1 hour if you travel at a steady speed. How long does it take to walk 3 miles? This mainly depends upon your own will and energy.

Walking PaceTime
Slow walk (2.5 Mph)/ 60 to 79 steps per minute/ 24 minutes per mile1 hour and 12 minutes
Easy Walk (3 Mph)/ 80 to 99 steps per minute / 20 minutes per mile1 hour
Moderate Walk (4 Mph)/ 100 to 119 steps per minute / 15 minutes per mile  45 minutes
Fast Walk (5 Mph)/ 120+ steps per minute/ 12 minutes per mile  36 minutes
Time Variations at Different Speeds

How long does it take to walk 3miles & what are the time fluctuations while doing so?

Research demonstrates that individuals of various ages and genders walk at multiple speeds in any event, even when their well-being and wellness levels match. Individuals in their 20s to 50s commonly walk quicker than individuals in their 60s +, with those in their 40s walking the quickest. In like manner, men walk faster than ladies across ages and wellness levels.

1) Gender

How long does it take to walk 3 miles for men? Men in their 20s walk at a speed of 3.04 miles each hour at a relaxed pace, while ladies in the same age group walk at a rate of 3 miles each hour. Thus, men require 59 minutes on the 3-mile Walk while ladies require 1 hour.

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2) Age

How long does it take to walk 3 miles for men & women simultaneously? Men in their 40s walk at a typical speed of 3.2 in a relaxed walk, while the ladies in the age bunch walk at a rate of 3.11 miles. Hence, they finish a 3-mile hike at 56 and 58 minutes continuously.

Then again, men in their 60s walk at a comfortable speed of 3 miles each hour, while ladies walk at 2.77 miles each hour. In this manner, a 3-mile walk requires 1 hour for men and 1 hour and 5 minutes for ladies. Therefore, compared to seniors, younger people finish a 3-mile walk faster.

As a recent report indicates, age and gender impact the time it requires to walk. Men can walk a mile quicker than ladies. 

AgeGenderAverage speed (Mph)Times
20-29Male3.0459 min
 Female3.01 hr
30-39Male3.256 min
 Female3.01 hr
40-49Male3.256 min
 Female3.1158 min
50-59Male3.256 min
 Female2.931 hr 01 min
60-69Male3.01 hr
 Female2.771 hr 05 min
70-79Male2.821 hr 04 min
 Female2.531 hr 11 min
80-89Male2.171 hr 23 min
 Female2.11 hr 26 min
Distance variations with both Genders & Different Times

How many steps do you take to walk 3 miles?

How long does it take to walk 3 miles and how many steps can be presume to be taken? To assess your Walk, you must know how many steps you take over a distance. Three miles can be covered in 5500–7200 degrees. It would help if you accounted for various variables, including gender, height, weight, stride length, and walking or running pace, to arrive at an appropriate estimate.

For instance, compared to a taller individual, a shorter person will need to take many more steps to travel the same distance. To find out exactly how many steps you’ve made in three miles of walking, utilize a calculator.

What number of calories do you consume walking 3 miles?

How long does it take to walk 3 miles and how many calories does it burn? Walking 3 miles will consume around 300 calories overall. The quantity of calories consumed walking 3 miles relies upon the runner’s weight and shape, walking speed, terrain, and weather patterns.

The heavier you are, the more calories you will consume because you need to convey more weight and work harder to cover a similar distance at a similar speed.

Does a three-mile walk burn fat? 

You can lose weight by walking three miles, but there are other things to consider. Maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for weight loss. 

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Walking is a fantastic, low-impact aerobic activity that can improve heart health, help you lose weight, and manage stress.  When you burn more calories than you take in, you might create a calorie deficit and begin to lose weight, potentially even belly fat. 

Walking at a different pace or uphill enhances the benefits of walking. How long does it take to walk 3 miles, and is it beneficial? Of course it is beneficial and Advantageous. While looking for your answers to the question How long does it take to walk 3 miles, you might also get the information like this that might persuade you.

Is walking 3 miles a day enough? 

Walking three miles daily is an excellent way to add physical activity to your schedule. How long does it take to walk 3 miles? However, your fitness level and goals determine whether this exercise suits you. 

It’s critical to consider the intensity of your walks when determining whether this is a sufficient amount of exercise for you. Walking regularly is an excellent method to improve overall health and gradually increase mobility, especially if you’re inactive or have never worked out. How long does it take to walk 3 miles? You can gradually increase the distance and intensity of your walks to challenge your body slowly.

Conversely, more than walking three miles a day will be required if you aim to improve your strength and stamina or prepare for a particular sport.

To achieve your goals, you must incorporate additional training, such as high-intensity jogging, strength training, or other sorts of activity. 

Tips for walking 3 miles

Yes, here are some pointers for walking three miles & how long does it take to walk 3 miles:

1) Select Comfy Shoes

Make an investment in a decent pair of walking shoes with sufficient cushioning and support. Blisters and discomfort can result from poorly fitted shoes.

2) Hydrate Before and During the Walk

Sip on some water before beginning your stroll, and remember to always keep a bottle of water on you. Fatigue can result from dehydration.

3) Warm-Up

How long does it take to walk 3 miles & how is my warm-up related to it? Do light warm-up activities to prepare your muscles and joints for your three-mile Walk. Easy stretches can aid in the prevention of injuries.

4) Maintain Good Posture

How long does it take to walk 3 miles, and how is a good posture going to help? Take a straight stance, relax your shoulders, and contract your core. By adopting this position, you may walk more effectively and lower your risk of back pain.

5) Start Slowly

If you’ve never gone a long distance by foot, begin at a comfortable pace and then pick up the pace as your stamina increases.

6) Employ a Pedometer

Consider using a pedometer or fitness tracker to keep track of your steps and distance. Seeing your development can be inspiring.

7) Take Breaks When Necessary

How long does it take to walk 3 miles & is it necessary to rest? Feel free to stop for brief rests if you feel exhausted during your three-mile stroll. When your body tells you to relax, do so.


Long-distance walking may be challenging for people with mobility impairments, but assistance and adaptive equipment can be helpful.

A thoughtful activity that can be done while strolling is called “walking meditation,” it has several advantages, one of which is stress relief.

How long does it take to walk 3 miles and how do i increase my speed? You can increase your walking pace by adding frequent walking, weight training, and flexibility exercises to your regimen and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Speaking with a fitness expert could be helpful as well.

The Bottom Line

Walking three miles is an excellent method to get moving and improve your general fitness and health. Whether you’re walking for fun, fitness, or as part of your everyday routine, it’s critical to abide by the previously given advice to ensure a safe and happy experience.

Remember that your capacity to finish a 3-mile walk can change depending on your age, gender, and level of personal fitness. As we discussed “How Long Does It Take to Walk 2 Miles by Age and Gender“, there may be variations in the amount of time needed to complete this distance. When you first start walking, listening to your body and setting reasonable goals is crucial.

So, wear your sneakers, keep a steady pace, and take advantage of the numerous mental and physical advantages a 3-mile walk may provide—regardless of your level of experience or inexperience. Remember that consistency is the key; soon, you’ll probably be able to walk three miles easily and enjoy the benefits of better health and overall well-being. At this point, we are pretty sure that your question “How long does it take to walk 3 miles?” might have been answered with fully factual information.

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