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Patrick Willis Workouts For Optimal Performance

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Patrick Willis Workouts

If you are having questions like what were patrick willis workouts movements? How often did he work out? What was his workout regimen and how was his diet plan? No need to worry, we have provided you with the best questions with full accuracy and facts.

Nowadays, People are much more impressed by the physique and body tone of the Athletes & Players than their games and performance. Meanwhile, this fact applies mostly to the NFL players, who need to have these kinds of workout regimens and strict diet plans.

Patrick Willis is a retired NFL player who was at the top of his game during his reigning era. Moreover, he was also known for his shredded and famous body type. As a football player in his game, he had developed a very shredded and attractive shredded bod type through sheer hard work and insane diet.

Patrick Willis: Short introduction & his achievements

He was the NFL’s toughest defense competitor, the man known as “Boss” was a little more furious. Foremost, Patrick’s identity was referenced in the same breath as Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, as well as arguably most horrifying, former LB great & current 49ers administrator Mike Singletary.

Patrick Willis, who was born and also brought up in Tennessee, who grew up in a very poor and from an impoverished family tree, was already fulfilling his responsibilities as a farmer at the age of ten only. He lettered a total of four times in football as well as three times in basketball, and thrice in baseball in his senior year. Throughout his senior year football prospects, he served as a two-time All-State choice, a regional MVP, and also the player of the year at west Tennessee.

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Taking an admission in the Mississippi University, He started his further educational and sports career. and there he received the Scholar-Athlete Award among other honours. He became a first-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft and spent his whole career playing for the San Francisco 49ers. His career was cut short due to a fractured toe and following operation. He possesses hundreds of thousands of internet fans. Willis stands 73 inches (185 cm) tall and weighs approximately 240 pounds.

What are Patrick Willis workouts regimens?

Here is a complete overview of what Patrick Willis workout movements are, how he performs them and in what way he performs them. It also includes the days and times in which he chose to take rest and to workout. Here we follow down:

1) Overall grind of his Monday’s, Wednesdays & Fridays

On the 1st, 3rd and 5th day of the week, Patrick Willis mostly trained his upper body including his chest, biceps, traps, shoulders, back and abdominals.

  • Warm-up Sets of Bench Pressing: 2 sets (8 Repetitions)
  • Russian Twists: 2 Sets (10 Repetitions)
  • Leg Raises: 2 Sets (15 Repetitions)
  • Chest Dumbbell Presses: 3 Sets (8 Repetitions Only)
  • Dumbbell Rows: 3 Sets (10 Reps Both Arms)
  • Alternate Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 2 Sets (5 Reps on each side)
  • Hammer Curls: 2 Sets (5 reps on each side)
  • Dumbbell Shrugs (For Traps): 2 Sets (20-25 reps)
  • Front Dumbbell Raises: 2 Sets (15 Reps)
  • Shoulder Press (Machine or Dumbbell): 3 Sets (10 reps)
  • Cable Tricep Push downs: 3 Sets (10 Reps)

2) Day 2 & day 4 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

On the 2nd and 4th day of the Week, Patrick Willis trains his lower body including the quadriceps, hamstrings and generally his whole lower body with abdominal workouts as an addition.

  • 3 sets (12 Repetitions) of bicycle crunches
  • 3 attempts of plank holding up to 1 minute
  • 3 Sets (12 Repetitions) of oblique crunches (for Ribs)
  • Each side 3 sets (12 Reps) of russian twisting
  • 3 Sets (10 Repetitions) of leg raises while hanging
  • 3 sets (12 Reps) of weighted squats
  • 3 Sets (12 reps) lunges
  • 3 Sets (20 reps) of lying leg raises
  • 3 Sets (10 Reps) of hamstring curls
  • 3 Sets of barbell squats
  • 3 Sets of inchworms
  • 3 sets of V-ups (Do as many as you can)

3) Day 6 & day 7 (Saturdays & Sundays)

Patrick Willis also used to take a rest during his workout regimen which were generally on Saturdays and Sundays. He sure believes in the supremacy of the Rest Benefits in Gym life. Because he realizes that rest is a very important part in working out and it balances and to some extent, also increases your muscle gains.

What is the diet plan of Patrick Willis

As we have seen, how fierce and challenging of a workout Patrick Willis has. He has to go through a hard and very heavy workout to bulk up and make up those muscles. But, as we know that for a shredded and attractive body like Patrick’s, a balanced and powerful diet is as important as lifting heavy weights.

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Here is the full description and preferences of Patrick Willis’ diet plan.

Patrick Willis had numerous nutritionists assisting him in planning each moment of his training week.

Although he declined to disclose any details about a usual meal strategy, we have our dietician conduct some study and develop a dietary pattern for the training regimen.

These are the goals which Patrick Willis would probably have set for him to achieve for his exceptional body type:

  • 40% high-protein
  • 35% medium-fat
  • 25% low-carb

Willis also attempted to consume mainly nutritious fats, with a major emphasis on seafood, in order to boost his omega-3 consumption. It’s a nutritional diet industrial secret that has been found beneficial with strengthening muscles and inflammatory reduction.

The bottom line

As we come to the end of our article, i would like to conclude the idea and summaries my whole idea. Patrick Willis, being a very powerful, successful and feared player of his reigning era had a very fierce, harsh and quite tailored workout routine.

As explained in the article above, he focused on his upper body for 3 days while he gave 2 days to his lower body development, also giving 2 days of rest to his body. He had a very strict and protein filled diet to withstand and ensure his gains throughout his entire seasons. He was not a bodybuilder, but he sure did train like one. He focused on protein meals and low carbs rather than a typical diet. 

But you need to keep in mind that everyone has different preferences and requirements in his body training. Understand that not every time a third person’s workout routine proves to be suitable for any other person. If you are not a bodybuilder, then you do not have to train like one. 

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