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Do Straight Leg Sit Ups To Activate Your Abs

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Straight Leg Sit Ups

Many people have this misconception that reducing fat from their bodies would give them abs. For this, you have to do straight-leg sit-ups exercise daily just for 10 minutes.

Exercise Description

Primary Target MusclesAbs
Secondary Target MusclesNone
Workout CategoryStrengthening
Type of Gym GearDumbbell, kettlebell and plates
Fitness LevelBeginner
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How to do Straight Leg Sit Ups

  • The first step is lying down on the yoga match with your leg stretched forward.
  • Do not bend the legs.
  • Make sure your head is relaxed, find a position where your body is comfortable, and then place your hands on your chest.
  • Remember that breathing is a significant factor while performing the exercise, so inhale and squeeze the abs while lifting your upper body off the ground.
  • Then bring yourself back to the starting position once your torso is perpendicular to it; this will be counted as one rep. Make sure you finish your set by performing all the reps.

Tips to perform straight leg sit ups effectively

  • Understand that your muscles and mind have a connection. Your muscle memory makes things easier for you; it remembers how and what you’ve you’ve trained it for. Similarly, our abs muscles also have memories, which exhaling can improve. Exhale as hard as you can
  • In such exercise, it is normal to feel lower back tightening; if you go through this, try anti-extension or anti-rotation movements.
  • Avoid putting any strain on your neck or head. Some people prefer putting their hands on their neck while performing straight-leg sit-ups, don’t do that.
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Why is straight leg sit ups a good recommendation?

A straight-leg sit-up is a fantastic recommendation when you aim to pump those six-pack abs. You have to ensure your abdomen is being pushed until the end. So your core will be activated, and your abs support the front of the ribcage. Straight leg sit-up also makes your lumbar curve flat the more you will do it. The flat it will become.

Does a straight-leg-sit-up strain your lower back?

Every exercise has a side effect; athletes get injured, which is normal. The idea is to do things properly, where the exertions don’tdon’t get to your body. Work hard but with modification in your workout. Cardio, weights, resistance band, yoga, and medicine balls should all be used with proper balance.

Follow a schedule, and do not limit your workout to one exercise or equipment. If you have a weakness or any previous injuries in your lower back, they may trigger again. But do not hurt yourself; try doing lower back rehab exercises and then try again, or if it always hurts your lower back, try other activities, such as wide-leg sit-ups. Also, never do these exercises on a floor; use a yoga mat or a ball which will take some pressure off of your lower back.

How to make it more challenging? – Sit up with plates

Remember that your primary aim is to feel the power; you should feel the inner strength. Always maintain stability, especially when you’re competing. So when you add a plate of 10 kg into your straight leg sit-up, it becomes more challenging. More challenging means that you’re going to get stronger.

Performing the same exercise with a plate will strengthen your hip flexors and the core. But if you have some pain around your lumbar curve, do this exercise without the plate, and maybe gradually, you can add some weight. Doing the same exercise with medicine or a yoga ball could also be beneficial.

1) Set up a schedule

Understand that your middle section has four areas, upper, middle, lower abs, and obliques. Schedule your workout so that you hit all these muscles, but before that, you must do a few things to hit the middle section.

2) Foam roll your middle section

Always foam roll every muscle before starting the workout. Remove the soreness or bumps by massaging them. So take the foam roller, place it on the floor, and get into the plank position.

Use the foam while rolling up your abdominals. Make sure you’re massaging them properly, from below the ribcage to above the belt line. Stop for a beat and take a few deep breaths if you find tenderness. For 1-2 minutes, roll the entire thing onto your stomach.

Once you’re done massaging the belly, it’s time for the obliques. Please do not hurry, do it sincerely and let them get rubbed. Some people do it before the workout, and some after it. However, before the activity, it is better because it prepares the muscle for training.

3) Stretch your middle section

Increase the elasticity in a manner that your abs, some people use to cool down the muscle or warm them up. You can use them according to your preference.

Ensure you thoroughly stretch them when you warm up and be very slow when you cool them down. This will decrease the chances of your injury. Let’sLet’s discuss a few stretching exercises to stabilize your core and increase your flexibility.

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Types of stretching exercises

Now that you have stretched and foam rolled you can hit the muscles. Hit each of the areas effectively, good luck!

Name of the exerciseExecutionMistakes to avoidMuscle Group
Obliques stretchingStand with both your feet at shoulder width and apart with your arms by your side. Then raise your left arm and keep the right down on your side. You must be feeling a stretch on your oblique in this position. Then, return to the usual work by keeping both hands by your side. Repeat it, but on the other side, this time by raising your right arm. Make sure you hold the position for 10 seconds on each side.Do not overstretch, as that could increase the risk of injury or pull off the muscle. Always stop whenever you feel any pain.
Make a little distance between the legs; a wide-leg stance can pressure your knees.
Obliques, Abdominals and serratus anterior
Supine StretchLie on the mat, feel comfortable, and stretch your arms above your head. Be in a supine position; reach the arms above your head with the tips of the finger pointing away from your body. Hold the position for 10 seconds.Do not overstretch, this could put unnecessary pressure on your back muscles, leading to an injury. Overarching could also do the same thing to your body. Flex the feet to avoid strain on the back and legs.Abdominals, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi
Snake stretchThis workout is perfect for the upper abs; it is preferred to cool down. Do it on a yoga mat; place your palms on either side of your shoulders with a 90-degree elbow bend. Flatten your feet, and do not bend your toes. Push your upper body from your hands and raise the trunk until you feel a stretch in your abdominal muscles. Keep your head forward and hold the time for a few seconds, at most 10.Avoid overstretching, as it will increase the risk of back injuries. Do not flex the feet, as it will pressure the flats of your feet.Abdominals, trapezius, erector spinae and rear deltoids.
Slow Cyclone For AbsThis is one of the best exercises for warm-up; its dynamic stretch can prepare your abs for a challenging workout. Find some space, stand on your feet, shoulder apart, and keep a slight bend to your knees. Stand up loose, and raise the arms in the air. Move ahead, circling your upper body so that your trunk moves in a circular motion. Your arms must be in line with your trunk and perform the stretch in a continuous movement.Avoid aches and pain by stopping unnecessary pressure on your legs or back. Do not lead too far, that will increase the strain to your obliques.Abdominals, Obliques, Serratus Anterior.
Locust PoseThis last stretch workout is another excellent pre-ab workout. This will higher your heart rate. Increase the intensity of this by holding the stretch. Lie down on a mat in a prone position. Lift your chest with your legs and make an inward-curved back. Then after doing that, release yourself coming back to the ground.Some make this common mistake by placing their arms in front; this puts pressure on your chest. With that, avoid flexed feet. Both of these common mistakes can cause injury.Trapezius, posterior deltoids, triceps, latissimus dorsi, glutes, soleus, biceps femoris, vastus lateralis, and erector spinae.
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Abs workout

After foam rolling and stretching, it’s time that you transform your abs into rocks. Work out and keep the fluids rushing. Remember that each area needs to get hit effectively after you have warmed your middle section up. You can hit the muscles now that you have stretched and foam rolled. Hit each of the areas effectively; good luck!

1) Upper abs

Most upper abs exercises are done on a yoga mat or bench. You have to change your posture; there is hardly any abdomen-based exercise done by standing up. Straight leg sit-ups, crunches, half crunch, or elbow to the knee are all yoga-based exercises. You can add weights, yoga, or medicine ball to make it more challenging.

2) Middle abs

When you do middle abs exercises, squeeze and ensure they are thoroughly extracted. To do intermediate abs-related exercises, hanging knee raise, dead bugs, and elbow planks. The extraction will rush the blood and make the muscles pumped.

3) Lower abs

Reverse crunch, mountain climbers, and leg raises are the best exercises to take your lower abs game to another level. Planks are another fantastic way of killing them; they will strengthen your core and improve your overall posture.

4) Obliques

When you target the sides, obliques come with it. For example, the Russian twist is a very innovative exercise, you are working on your sides, but your obliques are also active. The same goes for cross-body mountain climbers and side planks.

the Bottom Line

Make it simple; follow a schedule with a proper sequence. Foam roll, stretch, and then kill your abs. If you want instant results, add cardio exercise with health exercise, and never give up, fellas!

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