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How Gabapentin Ruined My Life – Personal Story

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Abdul Hanan, BDM

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gabapentin ruined my life

The field of medication has a prolong effect on human brain. Our brain perceives antidotes as form of help that can elevate our mood. However, when it comes to taking addictive drugs, then there is a deeper impact that reveals in a latter end. As a hustler, I was always interested in making the best usage of my body. On the contrary, things unfolded in a deceptive manner and I am wanting to explain all individuals that Gabapentin is not what it seems. Gabapentin ruined my life because it made me addicted to it and I could not function more effectively in coming time without it. 

I would participate in extra-curricular and make sure that I create the best version of myself. I research on internet that Gabapentin is an elevating drug as it helps to eliminate anxiety and depression. I realized that I am doing the right thing to take some capsules in my routine.

By Abdul Hanan

Why i started taking gabapentin

I would often take more pills of Gabapentin and fill that my anxiety is being controlled. As a corporate employee, I need to take care of all my tasks and regulations assigned to me in office. I wanted to elevate my mood and make sure that I make most of my work energetically. I researched about Gabapentin and came across about its essence.

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In the starting, the doctor gave me minor prescription and sooner, I started to enjoy it. I would get occasional headaches and minor chest pains, and would feel they will be okay. However, they were not and my anxiety got doubled. I could not sleep easily. I could not think properly and with time, Gabapentin ruined my life 

Outcomes of taking gabapentin 

As I continued taking the medicine, I came to the conclusion that Gabapentin ruined my life. I was started exhibit allergies that could be seen on my skin. There were appearances of rashes, hives and peeling of skin, which I thought would go in a week. But they never did. Many came forward and all I could do, was be in vain and expect them to go soon. Following were some of the outcomes of taking gabapentin, which I wish I knew earlier. 

1) Changes in mood behavior 

I would say gabapentin changed my mindset of life. I realized that I am suffering from many mood swings and in each passing hour, I have developed a sort of narcissistic tendency or a suicidal tendency.

Also, there were panic attacks, sleeping issues and memory problems that were the results of taking gabapentin. So, if you are reading this and have reached to this depth then remember that gabapentin can ruin your life and as it did mine. Be careful in its medication and do incorporate a third party help in your routine. This will help you reach a better state of mind and will motivate you try something good. The quicker you do, the better it is. 

2) Sign of liver abnormalities 

With time, my liver had to endure some abnormalities. I never in my life had to suffer from some, but somehow, gabapentin did so. Since, gabapentin ruined my life, now, I was developing yellowish skin and white eyes. It was disturbing my personality and I could not hold myself up. I could not socialize properly and many of my circles, started to notice it about me.

My urine became dark, which became so hard for me to relate to. There was inappropriate weight gain and I was losing my confidence. In time, there was incessant swelling of legs, which made me feel worse. Due to it, I could not exercise properly and became a victim of severe depression. I needed an answer that could save but it was a long way ahead. All these outcomes started to enhance in time and I was desperate for a rescue. 

3) Kidney abnormalities 

Gabapentin ruined my life. There is no question to it and a cherry on top of it was that I started to develop unusual kidney abnormalities. My urine was already black and I had to endure pain while I was urinating, but now, there was blood. Never before, in my life time, there was such a dilemma of health for me and I just could not figure out how to get away from this mess.

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Let’s watch the video to see how Meds Safety has explained how gabapentin ruined people’s lives

Source / Meds Safety

How did I seek answers?

I was in a desperate state of health. I had a kidney malfunction, my legs were in severe pain, my liver was not working properly and I just needed to escape. In its complete devastation, Gabapentin ruined my life and now, I realized that this medication is not an antidote. It needs to be changed and hence, relevant actions have to be made.

I decided to search on social media, print media, made appointments with doctors and all efforts churned out a common result for me that Gabapentin is not worth it. It is a dangerous medicine with serious side effects and it needs to be avoided at all cost. Online, I read stories that how gabapentin ruined my life and took it as motivation that there are people, who are affected with the similar trauma. They are working their way out of it and there is no shame in admitting it. Hence, I decided to avoid taking gabapentin and made a goal that I will reach to my fitness.

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Decision to discontinue gabapentin 

Understanding that Gabapentin is not the answer to my illness, I decided to quit it. Initially, a lot of issues came, as I was addictive to it. However, with time, I was able to master its absence. I searched for many alternatives online. I came to a conclusion that there are medicines and capsules that can be impactful, regarding health.

They do not give you mood swings. They do not give you health problems and most important of all, they are not addictive. I realized that I had made a terrible mistake in the past and now, only I, can do something about it. Therefore, gabapentin was successfully disregarded in my life and I was feeling great while doing so. 

Significance of raising awareness 

After realizing how gabapentin ruined my life and taking a bold decision to cut it off; I realized that many people are using it without proper education. This is a sad reality and I need to do something about. Gabapentin had increased my anxieties, depression and mental acne instead of minimizing it.

It had caused above-mentioned outcomes and I was in awe of that. But if I am able to get rid of it than anybody can and hence, a proper awareness about it has to be there. People should know that it is not an easy going capsule. It is addictive drug that can produce many harmful effects. If we all join hands in increasing awareness about gabapentin that I am sure that all can get rid of its menace and live a happy life. 

The bottom line

From a starting hope to a pain-staking health, my experience with gabapentin has been very emotional. Instead of taking care of my anxieties and depression, Gabapentin ruined my life. It made me realize that healthcare is the most gifted aspect of humanity. We all need to research accordingly while we are treating ourselves.

As I am rebuilding and rehabilitating myself, I understand now that I need to be informed of my healthcare choices. I need to come up with solutions that are upfront and do not produce harmful effects. My story can be a source of motivation for others. People can realize about the dangers some medicines have to offer and they can be always avoided if a proper research along with a can do attitude is utilized.

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