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How To Cancel Orangetheory Membership? (Policy & Fee)

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cancel orangetheory membership
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Orangetheory memberships are offered at various price points, with recurring monthly fees determined by the selected plan. However, alterations in one’s personal situation or financial limitations could call for a hiatus from Orangetheory. To cancel Orangetheory Membership is not that hard for person, it mainly depends upon the preference of one’s own need and mind.

You have three ways to end your Orangetheory Fitness membership

1 – Go to your neighborhood Orangetheory Fitness facility and ask for a cancellation form. You can fill out the application and deliver it in person.

2 – To get a cancellation form and their email address, contact your neighborhood Orangetheory Fitness gym. Send them the completed form by email.

3 – On the other hand, you can cancel Orangetheory membership of yours directly using their website.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Once you’ve submitted your cancellation form, keep a duplicate for your records and call the studio to ensure they’ve received it.

If you decide to cancel Orangetheory membership online, phone or stop by your studio if you are still waiting to hear back within a week.

In this manual, we’ll walk you through the process of canceling your membership step by step. We’ll cover all the options, including canceling in person, canceling online, and canceling by email. But first, let’s look at the Orangetheory cancellation policy.

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Membership Cancellation Fee and Policy to cancel Orangetheory Membership

Generally speaking, Orangetheory demands that you proceed with your cancellation and provide notification of it 30 days before the effective date. This 30-day notice often entails paying for one more month of the membership before it is canceled. Just give them 30 days’ notice before the subsequent billing period. If it’s less than 30, you’ll be charged the next month. Orangetheory Fitness often does not charge cancellation fees. In other words, there is no fee to cancel orangetheory membership.

Unless otherwise specified in your Membership Agreement, Orangetheory Fitness has a 30-day cancellation policy, the policy terms are describe as follows:

  • Your account needs to be in an active status to execute your cancellation request.
  • If your account is frozen, it must be unfrozen to execute your request to cancel your membership.
  • Any membership payment planned to occur within 30 days of receiving your cancellation request will do so.
  • Any sessions you still need to use have 30 days from the date of your last payment.
  • Any sessions or special pricing that are still available will be lost.

Although Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) memberships are month-to-month, it’s essential to comprehend their 30-day cancellation policy because it might not work as you might expect. You will be charged for a minimum of one more month after submitting your cancellation request and possibly up to two months if it is submitted after the end of your billing cycle.

For instance, if your billing date is the first of every month and you want your final membership month to run from January 1 through December 31, you must submit your cancellation by December 31 to avoid paying for another month of membership. Suppose you request a cancellation on January 2 after your membership has been renewed for January. In that case, your membership will continue on February 1 because it is still within 30 days of your request and will only end at the end of February.

Note: It’s always important to double-check the details with your local studio to ensure they don’t require more than a 30-day cancellation notice.

Under specific circumstances, offers to cancel orangetheory membership options are availabale

1) Concerns about your health 

If an illness or disability makes it impossible for you to exercise, you can cancel by giving Orangetheory a note from your doctor.

2) Facility Change

To cancel, you must provide your new address for verification if you have moved more than 18 miles (30 km) from an Orangetheory facility.

3) Financial Difficulty

If you go bankrupt and cannot continue paying for your membership, you may cancel by giving Orangetheory the necessary supporting documentation.

Can I stop using Orangetheory temporarily?

You can freeze or pause your subscription at Orangetheory for a minimum of 30 and 90 days. You can ask for a membership hold if you need a break but want to keep your account. Ask your home studio to suspend your membership by contacting them directly by phone, letter, or email.

Do I receive a refund if I decide to end my membership?

In general, Orangetheory does not offer refunds in regard of cancel orangetheory membership. Heart rate monitors that have been purchased are likewise not returnable or refundable. There is one exception for new members: Orangetheory guarantees a full refund if you terminate your membership within 30 days of your start date and have attended 12 classes. Studying the conditions of your particular membership agreement is always advisable for thorough information on refunds and cancellations.

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How to Resign from Orangetheory

An Orangetheory membership may be canceled in various methods, which is convenient for the members. Let’s talk about the many processes;

1) Cancel Orangetheory Membership in personal way

Resign from Orangetheory in person is The safest way to cancel Orangetheory membership is in person, which is always an option. Let’s see how you approach it then:

  • In order to cancel orangetheory membership in person, Start the procedure by going to your home studio.
  • Inform the customer support representatives that you wish to cancel your membership.
  • You will receive a cancellation form from the management, which asks you to complete your personal information. Your entire name, address, phone number, and the last four digits of your credit card used for OTF payment are all included in the information.
  • Ensure you get a duplicate form once you’ve finished filling it out for your security.
  • Finally, check afterward to make sure the cancellation was successful.
  • On the Orangetheory website, you can cancel your membership.

2) Can I Resign from Orangetheory Online? 

Yes, you can cancel orangetheory membership online. On the Orangetheory website, you can end your membership. Please follow these instructions to cancel Orangetheory Membership online:

  • Scroll down and select the (No, I’d still like to terminate my membership and accept the 30-day cancellation notice) option.
  • Then select one of the two choices under “Did you buy your Orangetheory Membership online?”
  • Then, complete the information.
  • “Submit my cancellation request” should be clicked as the last step to cancel orangetheory membership.

3) Cancel Orangetheory membership through email

Orangetheory Incorporation does not advise email membership cancellation. Given how many emails they must receive each day, this is understandable. Your email would, however, get lost in their email archives as a result.

  • Individual studios may feel more at ease using emails and even promote members canceling or contacting them via email sent to their studio address. 
  • To receive their email address, contact your neighborhood Orangetheory Fitness Centre.
  • Include personal details such as your complete name, current address, email, phone number, membership ID, date of birth, and the last four digits of the credit card you use for Orangetheory memberships as you type up your cancellation request letter.
  • Then, send the email to the suggested email address for your home studio.
  • A confirmation email will ask you if you want to cancel your membership before sending it. Confirm the decision to cancel.
  • After that, a cancellation form will be sent to you by your Orangetheory studio. So, complete the form and return it to the studio via mail.
  • Then, 30 days after receipt, you will receive an email confirming your cancellation. Contact customer service again if you are still waiting to receive the email to find out the status of your cancellation.


The Orangetheory Fitness app currently only supports direct membership cancellations as of the cut-off date of September 2023. The customary steps for canceling a membership entail contacting your neighborhood Orangetheory studio in person, via email, or online.

The Orangetheory Fitness app currently only supports direct membership cancellations as of the cut-off date of September 2023. The customary steps for canceling a membership entail contacting your neighborhood Orangetheory studio in person, via email, or online.

After canceling your membership, you cannot return the Orangetheory heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor is also yours to keep if you purchased it. Since the heart rate monitor syncs with other fitness applications, this works in your favor. If you don’t plan to use it later, you may sell it as a used OTF heart rate monitor.

It can be used for any exercise, even at-home workouts. I’ve used it for activities like sprinting outside and jumping rope. And much like after an OTF class, you can still view the outcomes. Additionally, I have a Garmin Vivoactive 4S watch that can connect to an OT heart rate monitor. Many alternatives can also be considered if you wish to cancel orangetheory membership of yours.

The Bottom Line

The Orangetheory Fitness cancellation policy and process are surprisingly simple. The only drawback is that you must wait 30 days for the cancellation to be effective, during which time you will undoubtedly have to pay for a subscription for an additional month.

Aside from that, no costs are involved to cancel Orangetheory membership. At this point, we are pretty sure that your enquiries regarding to cancel orangetheory membership have been answered with full accuracy and factual knowledge.

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