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How to Cancel Orangetheory Class? (Policy & Fees)

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Want to know how you can execute the cancellation of your orangetheory class? Through the Orangetheory mobile app, Orangetheory Fitness offers its subscribers a simple way to cancel a class. If you’ve signed up for a course but can’t make it,

Just launch the Orangetheory app.

Choose the class you want to cancel by checking the box next to it.

When you take this action, a notification stating “remove the class” will appear to let you know that your reservation is being canceled.

Make sure to cancel at least eight hours before the start of the class to avoid a late orangetheory cancellation fee, usually between $10 and $12.

Class Cancellation Policy for Orangetheory

Orangetheory Fitness Studios often permits participants to postpone or cancel booked classes. However, it would help if you informed the studio eight hours before the start of the lesson.

Therefore, the studio will charge you a fee, often $10 to $12, if you let them know that you can make it to class within the allotted period, 8 hours before class.

The early notice is necessary because most classes often have a waiting list of students hoping to be enrolled if a spot opens up. As a result, someone on the waiting list who could have taken your place gets let down if you don’t tell them in time that you’ll miss a lesson.

Orangetheory No-Show and Late orangetheory Cancellation Fees

So, depending on your studio’s policy on class cancellations, you will pay $10 to $12 if you cancel a class after 8 hours have passed. Therefore, sending the notice on time is usually essential to avoid paying the steep penalty for late delivery.

How to Terminate an Orangetheory Course

Orangetheory classes can be canceled for a few different reasons:

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Call the Orangetheory studio and request an orangetheory class cancellation. Using the Orangetheory app, pick delete or cancel from the list of scheduled classes on your schedule.

However, remember to cancel the session at least 8 hours before the scheduled start time to avoid paying a cancellation fee. Additionally, get in touch with the studio before you miss a class to determine if the timeline varies depending on the studio. If your studio’s cancellation policy, for instance, specifies a 12-hour window, you cannot cancel a class if you do it only 8 hours beforehand.

How Does Missing an Orangetheory Class Affect You?

Missing an Orangetheory class even though you canceled far in advance—typically eight hours beforehand—is common. OTF won’t collect the $12 Orangetheory no-show fee. However, you can contact your studio to ask if they’ll let you make up the lesson with another one.

On the other hand, your studio will deduct about $12 from your credit card if you skip an Oranegtheory class but fail to notify them in time. The late cancellation or no-show fee is the name of this fee.

Orangetheory may waive the Late Cancellation and No-Show Fee.

  • The late cancellation or no-show fee is typically not waived by Orangetheory Fitness. So, shortly after the lesson, you can anticipate a charge on your credit card. But as they claim, the costs stop people from frequently missing sessions without warning and failing people on the waiting list.
  • There are times, though, when you weren’t aware that an emergency would arise or that you just slept past the start of class. Most likely, you were ill or needed to take a relative urgently to the hospital.
  • Thankfully, some studios will consider a late cancellation or no-show to class in these unforeseen situations. This is especially true if you don’t often miss your orangetheory class. Additionally, if you had a valid reason to ignore or cancel the orangetheory class late and there was no waiting list, you might not be charged. For instance, if you had never skipped a lesson without telling the teacher or if the last time you did so was more than six months ago.
  • But at Oranegtheory, these circumstances are just a courtesy extended by the studio, not a rule. Therefore, even if you have a valid excuse for missing or canceling a class, it is not a given that you will be granted a waiver.

The Bottom Line

Calling your home studio or canceling the orangetheory class on the OTF phone app are simple ways to end an Oranegtheory class. All of this must be completed, though, at least eight hours before the start of the lesson. 

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