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How to Use Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Outside of Class?

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orangetheory heart rate monitor
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Orangetheory Wellness is one of the most renowned gym chains in the USA. Additionally, Orangetheory has learned to stay updated with technology now that people value at-home fitness just as much as recreation center wellness.

Thus, you never again need to go to an Orangetheory studio to have the once-in-a-lasting encounter Orangetheory offers. The organization has a portable application that matches up with your heart rate monitor to have a brilliant out-of-studio workout.

Could you utilize your Orangetheory heart rate monitor beyond class?

Indeed, the Orangetheory heart rate monitor interfaces utilizing Bluetooth. Thus, you can use the Orangetheory heart rate monitor for At-Home/Open air Exercises through the Orangetheory Versatile Application and with any application associated utilizing Bluetooth like orange zones, DigiFit, iCardio, UnderArmor, Nike, MapMyFitness, FitBit, Peloton, so on.

Step-by-step instructions to connect the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to the Orangetheory Mobile Application

The heart rate zones are the most remarkable component of Orangetheory, thanks to the distinctive OTF heart rate monitors. The Orangetheory heart rate monitors must also connect to the mobile app outside the studio.

Tragically, the OTF heart rate monitors are the only choices that pair with the mobile application. But this is the whole point of Orangetheory fitness being unique, right?

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You can utilize two methodologies to get your Orangetheory heart rate monitor working with your mobile application. Fortunately for you, we are covering both, so you have a decision;

Procedure 1

  • Download the Orangetheory Wellness application to your mobile device, then sign in using your Orangetheory credentials. This is the single most crucial step.
  • Additionally, make sure that your Orangetheory heart rate monitor is turned on. You may be looking for OTBeat burn, OTBeat core, or OTBeat flex for an unflexed connection.
  • Thirdly, if you want to contemplate looking, you should activate the Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • After that, at that moment, you should send out the Orangetheory program that’s been downloaded on your phone.
  •  Next, tap on a standardized identifier flickering in the application’s bottom right corner. This will cause a sprinter symbol in the top right corner of the screen to start squinting.
  • If you click on the image of the flashing runner, you will be sent to a menu where you can select from various activities. At this time, select the “At Home Exercise” option. The next step is to investigate the many at-home workout options available to you now. For instance, it may be activities such as yoga, cycling, or jogging.
  • After that, the device will hunt for another Bluetooth device to connect to. Once more, your heart rate monitor ought to be in proximity for a convenient connection.
  • When the two gadgets associate with each other, you will want to see your heart rate, notwithstanding the number of calories you have consumed, the times you have hopped, and the miles you have traveled.

Procedure 2

  • To begin, you must get the Orangetheory Fitness app on your mobile device and sign in using the information you already have for Orangetheory.
  • The second step is activating the heart rate monitor included with Orange Theory. It could be an OTBeat Burn, an OTBeat Core, or an OTBeat Flex for a non-flexed link.
  • Thirdly, you need to enable search capabilities by turning on the Bluetooth on your phone.
  • After that, open the Orangetheory app that’s been downloaded onto your mobile device.
  • Proceed to the settings bar to check the connection for the heart rate monitor. If it has been connected in the past, the pairing process will already be underway. Select “Add Device” from the menu and join your heart rate monitor.
  • When you have finished connecting the heart rate monitor, scroll down until you find “Out of Studio Workouts,” and then click on the title of that section.
  • When you select one of the exercises, like walking, cycling, paddling, or any of the others, the application will start showing the pertinent details for the heart rate monitor.
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Instructions on How to Connect the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to Different Fitness Apps

It is correct that the OT Beat phone app can only be connected to an Oranegtheory heart rate monitor to function correctly. On the other hand, the heart rate monitors are not affected by this circumstance;

The Orangetheory heart rate monitor can be connected to various fitness applications and the Orangetheory fitness program. Because the heart rate monitors link via Bluetooth, you can connect them to your device and other fitness applications if you so choose.

The following are examples of fitness apps that are compatible with the heart rate monitor offered by Orangetheory:

  • Strava, Peloton, Fitiv, and MapMyFitness are some of the popular fitness-tracking websites.
  • Fitbit, iCardio, DigiFit, UnderArmor, Nike, and similar apps link wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Because your Orangetheory heart rate monitor is not exclusive to Orangetheory, you can use it for any other fitness endeavors you wish to participate in at home, including those that Orangetheory does not lead.

Why is the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Necessary for Me?

Recording your heart rate and other activity data with an Orangetheory heart rate monitor is among the most accurate you can achieve with a heart rate monitor.

If you already own one, you won’t have to spend money purchasing a second one to use various fitness applications. The heart rate monitor provides several different heart rate zones, which help facilitate more fruitful physical activity.

Orangetheory makes heart rate monitors of a very high grade and comes at a hefty price. Therefore, using them with several fitness applications lets you get the most out of the device.

The Bottom Line

It is gratifying to learn that Orangetheory Fitness is no longer limited to studio classes, as it formerly was. The OT Beat app, which can be downloaded for free on a mobile device, is available today.

The illustrious Oranegtheory heart rate monitors are Bluetooth-ready, making them compatible with various fitness programs. As a result, as an Oranegtheory member, you are now in a position to confidently investigate the realm of fitness in all of its facets.

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