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Is Joe Rogan Taking Steroids?

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joe rogan steroids

Who would have thought that a very fit and muscled mass guy who works as a UFC commentator will also be accused of taking steroids. As many of the Bodybuilders, cross fitters, calisthenics or different gym goers are blamed and accused of taking steroids because of their exceptional physiques and strength.

One of those guys is Joe Rogan. He is frequently accused of using steroids like testosterone in order to gain the strength he acquires right now. As a commentator in the UFC, Joe Rogan steroids have been a very amusing and interesting debate on the internet.

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Joe Rogan often accuses many celebrities and personalities of being on steroids, for example, he accused Dwayne the Rock Johnson of using Steroids for which Rock also came in the front and challenged him to come forth. Does Joe Rogan also use steroids himself? Following the Article:

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joseph James Rogan, who is mostly these days famous on YouTube as a Podcaster, is a Professional UFC Commentator, YouTube Podcaster, comedian, former television presenter & actor. 

He currently manages and hosts a Podcast on YouTube named as “The Joe Rogan Experience” in which he discusses different stories, events, happenings, comedies, philosophical debates & science pov’s with different invited guests each time.

Joe Rogan’s biographical information

  • Date of Birth: 11th of August, 1967 
  • Place of Birth (Home Country): Newark (New Jersey), USA
  • Height: 5 ft. 7 inch (170 cm)
  • Weight: 194 Pounds (88 Kgs)
  • Main Occupation: UFC Commentator

Is Joe Rogan taking steroids?

Joseph Rogan has himself said and confirmed that in the past times, he had been taking Testosterone steroids He has described that he has taken steroids in very low amounts and not for the sake of bulking up. He stated that he took steroid products to lower and fight over the symptoms of ageing. 

He is very true about his previous steroid intakes and is totally truthful and real in this regard. Talking about the Testosterone Boosting, Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT) or insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1)’s use does not bother him.

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But he has also cleared the debate that he was on steroids only in the past and now he is totally clear and neat. Also, he has several times confirmed that he is undergoing Hormone replacement Therapy.

Is Joe Rogan still taking steroids?

Even after his claims of giving up steroid use, many people still accuse him of using steroid products. This is mainly because he is still able to perform exceptional gym activities even now at the age of 56. Which does not seem to be common.

Or another reason is that he is right now undergoing Hormone replacement therapy. For which he has already explained that he wants to be totally healthy and stay away from ageing as much as possible. He wants his T-levels to stay higher and provide more opportunities to his body being more efficient.

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Did Joe Rogan accuse the rock for using steroids?

Joseph Rogan has recently overviewed many individuals, especially many celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Dwayne the Rock Johnson regarding their fitness industry place and steroid use. 

Rogan criticized the Rock for using steroids but the reports are that he also used the N-word. He asked the rock to come up and as a Clean about his Steroids use. About which the Rock also responded and said “You are jealous.”. He further stated that Don’t speak on me. You have no right!, etc. Their debate is still demanding a conclusion.

Lets see what Joe Rogan says about the Rock!

Source / JRE Daily Clips

The bottom line

We would like to summaries the entire blogpost for you. Joe Rogan, a UFC Commentator, is also very famous for his podcasts and entire physique, and is often accused of using steroids.

Meanwhile, Rogan has never refused these accusations and has stated that he had used steroids in the past which was not for the sake of bulking up. He has also confirmed that he is still taking steroids in very small amounts and also is undergoing TRT (Testosterone Replacement Treatment) & HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). He says that I am going through all this for the sake of my health and to avoid the symptoms of ageing.

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