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What is the Orangetheory infinity workout? (Tips and Templates 2023)

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orangetheory infinity workout
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Orangetheory Fitness provides its members with the Orangetheory Infinity Workout as a challenge. A miniature Dri Tri is Orangetheory Infinity. This challenge consists of three parts. You attempt to go as far as possible on the treadmill and Rower in a predetermined amount of time (in miles on the treadmill and meters on the Rower). You will complete the same six movements for the floor portion as for the Dri Tri.

Classes for Orangetheory Infinity are offered in 3G style with three blocks. Each block lasts for 14 minutes. For instance, Infinity is a fantastic Dri-Tri warm-up!! Row 100 meters AO, followed by 20 front jacks, and then repeat, going down two front jacks each time. When you reach 2, you return to the top. The endurance tread was endurance with a 3-minute push, 1-minute base, and then the Push goes down by 30 sec each cycle with a consistent 1-minute base. Dri-tri-style 300 BW reps make up the floor block.

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What Is the Purpose of the Orangetheory Infinity Workout?

This exercise is in the 3G (not 2G) style. The floor workouts, too? You’ll do the same ones in DriTri: a 2000-meter row, 300-weight floor reps, and a 5-kilometer run.

Using the Rower for 14 minutes, choose a pace you can keep up while switching between 100-meter rows and exercises. In the rower exercise, you might perform 100 meters, 20 medium ball jacks, 100 meters, 18 medium ball jacks, etc.

On The Floor (14 minutes): Choose a rep scheme that allows you to complete these six motions efficiently. For instance, for 14 minutes, perform Floor 40 bench hopovers, 20 bench tap squats, 20 step-ups with each leg (for a total of 40), 20 press-ups, 20 low plank jacks, and ten burpees.

On the treadmill, push slowly to keep your base steady (14 minutes). Tread 3 min push, 1 min base 2.30 min push, etc., are a few examples.

What Is the Purpose of the Orangetheory Infinity Workout?

The objective is to cover as much ground as you can on the Rower and treadmill before finishing a series of six exercises on the floor area. The same workouts are also done during the Dri Tri, an event that Orangetheory Fitness presents in a triathlon style.

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Orangetheory Infinity occurs when?

Dri Tri will take place a few days before Orangetheory Infinity. Dri Tri typically takes place in March and September each year.

The Orangetheory Infinity Workout Is Open to Novices.

The Infinity Workout is open to participants of all fitness levels, yes. The instructors at Orangetheory are skilled at tailoring workouts to suit various fitness levels. You can adjust regardless of your level of athletic skill.

Tips for an Orangetheory Infinity Workout

  • Make sure you’re eating healthfully the days before the marathon! Eat carbs the night before and consume more water than usual.
  • Try not to be too quick when using the Rower. Try to get into a routine since it will take some time.
  • Try to keep a constant pace on the floor; I died when I did that.
  • Take a “break” throughout the step-ups to drink some water, but don’t change your pace. Utilize the music to aid your rhythm.


Members of Orangetheory Fitness can access the Infinity Workout in general. However, some studios might let visitors participate in a trial or unique activity. For more information, speak to your neighbourhood studio.

It is essential to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and fuel your body with a balanced breakfast or snack before the workout, even though specific preparation is not required.

The Bottom Line

The Orangetheory Infinity Workout is a strenuous and all-encompassing fitness regimen that emphasizes increasing cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and general fitness levels. This workout aims to assist participants in getting ready for the Dri Tri competition.

Participants can follow their development and use the Infinity Workout to push their limitations, test their endurance, and raise their fitness levels by charting their progress with the OTF Challenge Tracker app. 

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What’s the Orangetheory Infinity Workout?
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