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Orangetheory Student Discounts: Elligible Members & Guide (2023)

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orangetheory student discount
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Can the students acquire Orangetheory student discounts at OTF? Yes, most studios at Orangetheory offer a student discount. The discount, however, varies from studio to studio. Most studios give a 10-dollar value, but others provide more enormous reductions of up to $50 off the cost of your membership.

To be eligible for the discount, you must be a current student at least 14 years old and possess a valid student ID card. Students in high school, college, or graduate school may apply.

Application: To take advantage of the orangetheory student discount, you must present your student ID while signing up. The discount is valid for recurring memberships.

The availability of the orangetheory student discount varies by studio’s location. Contact your neighborhood studio immediately to inquire about availability and the particular discount amount provided.

All membership tiers (Basic, Elite, and Premier) are generally eligible for the orangetheory student discount. Upgrade to get more features.

Other Discounts: Orangetheory also offers discounts to members of the armed forces, first responders, teachers, and medical professionals. Inquire about packages that include a student discount.

What’s Included in the Orangetheory Student Discount?

First off, the Orangetheory student discount is not covered by the policy. You must often inquire about the deal; specific agents will inform customers. If you don’t ask about the discounts offered, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find yourself paying the total premium despite being a student.

In addition, some studios provide student discounts to particular student levels, such as diploma and degree levels. Others will give all students discounts up to the doctoral level.

Once you’ve registered for the orangetheory student discount, Orangetheory will typically charge all your subscriptions at a reduced rate. The value will be given to all your memberships for the duration you are a student.

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What discounts does Orangetheory provide to students?

Given the variations in administration across the Orangetheory studios, several kinds of student discounts exist.

Due to this, some will provide a cost discount, while others offer a value for classes. For instance, an elite membership may include extra courses. As a result, the member receives 12 lessons for the month rather than eight at no additional expense.

Even with the cost savings, the amount may fluctuate depending on the type of subscription. For instance, some studios provide discounts of up to $50 on premium subscriptions and a $10 discount on elite memberships. Some people will give a deal that applies to all membership options.

Asking the customer care representative is the best approach to learning more about your orangetheory student discount program. With the discount, you can even change your membership plan.

Can I Get an Orangetheory Student Discount If I’m a Member?

Of course, you can. You can always claim your orangetheory student discount even if you have joined as a standard OTF member. To do this, though, you’ll have to cancel your current membership plan and sign up for a new subscription with a student discount attached.

If I already have a discount plan from Orangetheory, can I still receive a student discount?

Some of us are fortunate enough to be eligible for many OTF discount plans. You might discover that you are already a medic, employed by the military, and a student on top of all that! If each qualified for a $10 discount, your membership fee would be reduced by $30.

Sadly, you can only apply one discount at a time. Therefore, the student discount could not apply if you received another OTF discount.

How Exercise with Orangetheory is Beneficial for Students

Here are some reasons why Orangetheory is an excellent place for a student to exercise:

1) 60-minute classes that are brief

Students frequently have busy schedules, making it challenging to dedicate time to exercise. Intense workouts that continue to burn calories for hours after the session are provided by Orangetheory’s 60-minute HIIT classes, which are time-efficient.

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2) Weekly Minimum Commitment:

Only 2-4 courses per week are necessary for the professionally formulated exercises at Orangetheory to get noticeable results. This is perfect for college students juggling their studies, part-time jobs, and social lives.

3) Adjustable class times:

Orangetheory provides lessons from early morning to late evening seven days a week. Students can fit in a fitness session between classes or after study hours thanks to this flexibility.

4) No-Cost First Class:

Orangetheory allows students to try out the workout without making a financial commitment by providing the first lesson for free. Students can use this to determine whether Orangetheory’s exercise method complements their fitness objectives.

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5) Seasoned coaching:

Fitness levels are considered while designing safe and efficient exercises at Orangetheory. This advice is essential for students who might be new to fitness and require professional supervision.

6) Reaching Fitness Objectives:

Orangetheory offers members specialized tools to support their weight loss, muscle gain, and fitness goals. This is especially helpful for students who want to balance their academic and physical well-being goals.

7) Variety in Exercise:

Orangetheory offers a variety of workout modalities, such as rowing, running, and weight training, to keep things exciting and challenging. The type keeps pupils interested and anticipating the next lesson.

8) Supportive Neighbourhood:

The strong sense of community at Orangetheory is one of its greatest assets. Students will feel inspired and supported in their fitness quest when surrounded by like-minded peers, which will develop a sense of connection. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Orangetheory is a great option for students who want to get in shape because of its flexible and effective training schedules, professional coaching, various workout styles, and strong community support.

Depending on where the studio is located, Orangetheory offers different types and amounts of student discounts. As a result, you should speak with your local studio to learn about the student discounts offered there.

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