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11 Surprising Benefits Of Losing 50 Pounds – Revealed

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What Losing 50 Pounds Does to Your Body

Everyone at a particular stage of their life thinks of losing weight, either to get in good shape or to avoid potential risks. Whatever the goal is, 50 pounds is a considerable number. Can you imagine what losing 50 pounds does to your body? 

Indeed, dropping extra weight can have a positive impact in several ways. Still, one must know the pros and cons before starting this weight loss journey. Shedding a few pounds sounds practical, but losing 50 pounds is unconventional and requires firm dedication and commitment.

First, figure out if you need to hit the target of 50 pounds weight loss. Please don’t compare your body and put it under stress because of extreme weight loss. However, don’t let go of your determination once you are sure. 

Want To Know The Benefits of Losing 50 Pounds? 

But following any weight loss program has its own set of challenges. Take a brief moment and read about the benefits of losing 50 pounds to motivate yourself. 

Obesity is linked with many conditions like developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint problems, and reduced mobility. If you suffer from any of them, it is probably the best time to consider starting your weight-loss journey.

Losing weight helps mitigate these problems, ultimately leading to a healthy life. Not only physically, but you can experience mental and emotional stability by getting rid of excessive weight.

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Benefits of Losing 50 Pounds of Weight on the Body

If you continue reading this article, it shows your determination to achieve your fitness goals. So, let’s reveal the dramatic changes and improvements you will experience down the lane.

1) Reduces Risk of High Blood Pressure

Obesity is one of the major causes of comorbidities, including but not limited to cardiovascular diseases. It predisposes an individual to heart problems, such as high blood pressure, stroke, and coronary heart disease. 

However, losing some extra pounds, let alone 50, protects your heart against such severe illnesses. Keep monitoring your blood pressure when you get on track. And you will observe a significant decrease in your blood pressure as soon as you lose weight.

2) Lowers Cholesterol Levels

The accumulation of excess fat in the adipose tissue to the extent that it impairs your health is defined as obesity. High cholesterol levels may cause blockage of your blood vessels, leading to a heart attack.

When you begin your 50 pounds weight-loss journey, there will be another invisible advantage to your body. The significant decrease in bad cholesterol (or LDL levels) will keep many severe heart diseases at bay. 

3) Improves The Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels

The incidence of developing type II diabetes has shown a strong association with obesity. People with elevated BMI are at higher risk of developing diabetes earlier or later if they don’t keep a check on their blood glucose levels. 

Gratefully, losing only 5% of weight helps minimize the chances of getting diabetic. Can you imagine what losing 50 pounds will do to your body? 

4) Decreases the Likelihood of Certain Cancers

Do you know that carrying excess weight can also trigger a cascade of hormonal changes contributing to cancer development? Studies have also revealed that obese women in their postmenopausal period are more vulnerable to breast and ovarian cancer.  

The time when you start losing 50 pounds to burn the extra belly fat, you can ward off the chances of developing cancer.

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5) Alleviates Knee and Joint Pain

Carrying those extra pounds or being heavy puts additional stress on your joints, particularly the knee and hip joints. As you progress along your 50 pounds weight loss journey, the load on your joint is reduced, relieving pain and improving joint function.  

It also decreases inflammation in the body that causes soft tissue damage and prevents common joint problems like osteoarthritis. 

6) Increases Mobility

Don’t you want to feel light and carefree, liberated from the burdens that hinder your ability to move freely? If so, why not think about losing weight?

Excess weight will likely strain your muscles and joints, making movement difficult. Living a sedentary lifestyle harms your overall health. By shedding 50 pounds, you can’t only overcome the limitations but break free from the boundaries of those unwanted pounds. 

7) Boosts Your Energy Levels

Better energy levels translate into better performance. Getting out of your comfort zone and working hard to lose those extra pounds can do wonders. 

When energized, you feel more like yourself, engage in physical activities, and enjoy your life. 

8) Builds Strength 

Can you imagine yourself with a protruding belly trying to carry yourself upstairs, let alone the grocery bags? That’s how excessive weight takes a toll on your body. When you begin your journey of losing 50 pounds, you get rid of stubborn belly fat and build the stamina and endurance to lift heavy weights.  

9) Promotes Better Sleep

Lack of sleep hours often results in frustration at work and reduces productivity. You can only sometimes rely on medication to get proper sleep.

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by abnormal breathing patterns during sleep and is linked with obesity. An increase in overall sleep duration and quality is one of the benefits of losing 50 pounds. 

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10) Elevates your mood

From better sleep to better sex, you can fix everything from losing 50 pounds. With all these accomplishments in your pocket, won’t you be happy and satisfied? 

When you look good, feel good, and achieve your goals, it will increase your endorphin release, which elevates your mood. 

12) Enhances Self-confidence 

It’s not only about being comfortable in your skin; sometimes, you need self-assurance that you can do what everyone else does. Rather than feeling embarrassed, you can confidently come forward to fulfill the task. You will be given opportunities that you once dreamed of. That’s precisely what losing 50 pounds does to your body. 

Side Effects Of Losing 50 Pounds On the body

Everything comes with a price to pay off. You might start enjoying the perks of 50 pounds of weight loss and realize that something unwanted is happening. Is it normal? Are there any side effects?

Fifty pounds is a substantial amount of weight, and losing it abruptly may cause specific side effects or changes in the body.  

1) Loose Skin

Loose and sagging skin is one of the potential side effects of 50 pounds of weight loss. Usually, during weight gain, your skin stretches. If you carry that extra fat for long, your skin loses elasticity.

Now, if your body undergoes quick weight reduction, the damaged collagen won’t be able to tighten up your skin. Ultimately, you will have excess skin left behind on a slimmer waistline.

Though staying hydrated and having a balanced diet minimizes the side effects, it’s not a permanent solution. In the majority of cases, people end up going for plastic surgery. 

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2) Nutritional Deficiencies

If you are taking a restricted diet to lose weight in the blink of an eye, you are doing it wrong. This way, you may lose significant weight in less time, but it will trouble you in other ways.

Consuming fewer calories and cutting down on essential nutrients will weaken your body. While adopting any diet plan during a weight loss program, you must consult a professional to ensure sufficient nutrients are present in your diet. 

3) Feeling Cold

Sounds bizarre? Well, the reason is that you are reducing fat while losing 50 pounds of extra weight. This fat helps in insulation, keeping your body warm. When there is low fat in your body, the ability to endure weather changes is reduced. So, for the next few weeks, you might be using more layers of clothes. However, this condition resolves independently as your body adapts to the change. 


The time required to lose 50 pounds can vary based on metabolism, lifestyle, and adherence to a weight loss plan. On average, a safe and sustainable weight loss rate is considered to be 1-2 pounds per week. Therefore, it may take approximately 25-50 weeks, or 6-12 months, to lose 50 pounds.

To achieve a weight loss of 50 pounds in 6 months, it is recommended to follow a balanced and nutritious diet. Focus on consuming various whole foods such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. Limit processed foods, sugary beverages, and high-calorie snacks. A registered dietitian can provide personalized guidance for effective and sustainable weight loss.

While diet plays a significant role in weight loss, incorporating exercise into your routine can enhance results and overall health. Regular physical activity helps burn calories, build lean muscle mass, increase metabolism, and improve cardiovascular fitness. Combining a balanced diet with exercise is generally recommended for achieving long-term weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To maintain weight loss after losing 50 pounds, it’s essential to establish a balanced eating plan, engage in regular physical activity, monitor progress, and build a support system. Focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods, exercising regularly, tracking your weight and food intake, and seeking support from others. Additionally, prioritize self-care to sustain healthy habits for long-term success.

A healthy rate of weight loss when aiming to lose 50 pounds is generally considered 1-2 pounds per week. This gradual and sustainable approach improves adherence to a balanced diet and lifestyle changes, promoting long-term success and minimizing potential health risks.

The Bottom Line

Are you surprised after learning what losing 50 pounds does to your body? Hang on! The benefits of losing 50 pounds might be much more than you expected. 

Though not enough scientific evidence is available to back it up, some studies show that weight loss may also improve your memory, make your skin clear, sweat less, and have better vision. Whatever the ups and downs of losing 50 pounds, the good outweighs the bad. 

When you hit the road, you will realize the rewards of losing weight are worth all the hard work.

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