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How To Build Capped Deltoids With One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

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one arm cable lateral raise

Step by step with the help of exercises like one arm cable lateral raise and single arm behind back cable lateral. You will have all the knowledge you need to add muscle mass and cutting to your shoulder muscles. 

Are you doing one arm cable lateral raise correctly?

You have to make sure that you fully benefit from the lateral exercises.

  • For that, first of all, while standing next to the cable pulley, widen your legs to your shoulder width so that you have balance control over your upper body
  • Always have a firm body posture, and push your chest out.
  • Now grab the pulley, bend the elbow, and raise the cable to your side.
  • The lifting should be to a point where it gets a little higher than your shoulder.
  • Each rep will take you back to your starting position, complete your reps with one arm and then with the other.
  • Make sure you’re taking a pause after performing the rep to create tension in your muscle group and then lower down the cable.
  • Do the reps in a controlled motion. Avoid hitting a jerk while performing the exercises as it can increase the chances of injury and avoid making an arch of the lower back.

Last, but not least. The most important thing in any exercise is your breathing. Trust me it can create a major difference, get that oxygen and release the carbon dioxide most effectively. Make sure to exhale when you’re lifting your arm to your shoulder height and do inhale when it’s time to return to the starting position.

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Why one arm cable lateral raise and single arm behind cable lateral are the best exercises for shoulder muscles?

Shoulder cable lateral exercises like one arm cable or single arm behind, stretch your muscle till the end. Along with the constant pressure it puts on your shoulder muscle to pump it. This means that while the muscle will be pumping with the fluids buildup, its elasticity will also be tested.


The exercises which pump and stretch the muscle are not typical bodybuilding exercises; they bring a variety to your workout and come under the category of isolation workout.

Our shoulder does not have one primary muscle like each side of our chest. The shoulder muscle is divided into different parts. There are a total of eight muscles to support each of our shoulder joints. The most important muscle is the delt in the shoulder, which is made up of three muscles. They are known as the front, middle, and back delts.

If shoulder cable lateral exercise is performed correctly with the right range of motion, movement, and direction you have a good chance to activate the power to all of the eight muscles.

Single Arm Behind Back Cable Lateral
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Any muscle that we are targeting should have a complete definition. The muscle mass alone is never enough, the body should have beauty to itself and none gives it better to the shoulder muscle than cable lateral exercises.

Plus, if you’re hitting one muscle at a time instead of two. Such as if you do a one arm lateral raise, then that adds more betterment towards the creation of muscle memory connection.

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One arm cable lateral raise vs one arm dumbbell lateral raise

That’s right! They both hit the pectoral muscle, but which one is the best of the two? Some athletes say that it’s all about the range of motion, movement, and pressure. But the others find one better than the other. But which is better? Let’s find out.

The athletes that like dumbbell lateral raises feel more free with the weights, but if one is better than the other that doesn’t mean that you’ve to let the other go. You must make sure that on your shoulder day, you do them both and tense your shoulder muscles as much as you can. Create pressure and rush that blood to make sure it keeps on running.


Weight lifting is all about getting the maximum boost through long resistance exercises. When you would hold a dumbbell at the side there would be hardly any strain on your bottom muscle.

However, in one arm cable lateral raise, the working muscle gets tension with the bottom of the exercise. With that, there is one special benefit that all lateral raise exercises give you and that’s the additional element of the ‘pressure curve’. If you work on pectorals by one arm cable lateral raise version or single arm behind cable lateral your strength will flow through your muscle group and will also help in the progression of joints.

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1) Drawbacks of one arm dumbbell lateral raise

It is also very important to understand that the one arm dumbbell lateral exercise works against it. For additional knowledge do understand the difference between ascending and descending strength curve. The ascending strength curve strength curve occurs when you’re strongest at the end of the movement while descending is when you’re strongest at the start.

Always make sure that you get the highest resistance while performing your exercise, that is the best way to maximize your strength. Cable lateral exercises allow you to get more mechanical benefits, when you do dumbbell exercises your body may feel heavy.

If the cable lateral exercises are done in a certain way, they could kill your mechanics as well and may make you feel heavier with the muscle pump. But that is not a bad thing, your exercise should be aligned with your fitness goal.

One arm cable lateral raise vs one arm resistance band lateral raise

Always make sure that you bring modifications to your exercise. Doing one thing for too long can decrease your focus, make things boring, and can increase the chances of injury. Resistance band is an amazing innovation in the fitness industry, some studies have proved that these bands can give you more strength than traditional weights. Understand that your muscle needs modification, elasticity, more blood flow, tension, and stretch.


Do not perform the same exercise by using one type of equipment, try new things, test yourself, and improve every day.

Just make sure that you have a good balance, flow, and resistance while working out with the bands. Then definitely they will provide you with continuous tension which will maintain your muscle tissues. Weights at times can also cause you injury but resistance bands will never.

Cable has a few more benefits than the resistance band may not provide. It is freer than resistance bands, and the range of movement of the cable is more unobstructed. Both of the gym equipment have their benefits.

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The bottom line

Every piece of gym equipment has its benefits. If single arm dumbbell raise is being performed it will provide some extra benefits such as back, upper arms, and core strengthening along with shoulders. With more consistency, you would be able to lift more weight and the discomfort will decrease.

If we talk about single arm lateral exercise, they would primarily be focusing on the side deltoid muscles with the anterior deltoid. This will also include middle and lower traps. Some may prefer performing the exercise with both arms so that the workout is less time-consuming. But to test your limitation, make your focus better, and stimulate more gains one arm cable lateral exercise is recommended.

Lastly, if we look at the one arm lateral raises with the resistance band, it focuses more on the medial or middle head of the shoulder muscle. It is more focused on strength-training moves and it holds. It is a challenge for your strength and stability.

To combine all the benefits, it is best that you hit all of this gym equipment on your shoulder day. Such as using dumbbells only on shoulder days, will make you feel heavier and you may lose flexibility. But for stretching it is very important to make sure that you use a resistance band. For mobility and stability, the cable is the best thing.

Salman tips for beginners

One just has to make sure to use all three of the gym equipment in breaks. The warm-up is essential for any muscle, so make sure if you’re hitting the shoulder start the workout with the resistance band. Never lift dumbbells before your muscle group is fully warmed up, straight-up heavyweights are going to cause injury.

After having a few different sets of exercises with the resistance bands, go for the cable so that your muscle fully stretches and gets warmed up. After doing cable, do not straight go for the heavyweights. Use dumbbells but slowly increase the weight. Between the exercises, breathe properly as recommended and try to stay hydrated.

One last thing that a lot of athletes forget, whatever your fitness goal is never forget to stretch. Cool down your muscle and give it a proper rest. Good luck and instead of you talking about how fit you’re, let your deltoids talk!

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